Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Winter worry

Ok, so Im currently sat in my front room, waiting for the first casserole of the season to cook and I cant help but think "where did the year go?" Its Autumn already, Iv had the heating on a few times to take the chill off the house (yep even in August, Iv had to heat the house) Iv nearly finished paying off the xmas club, Kids are all back at school including the eldest a high school and its nearly Halloween, although the shops seem to have forgotten this and have stacked the shelves fit to burst with xmas goodies already.
Yep, I even noted last night that there's 14 weeks left until christmas. Lucky me eh?
 So while me spuds and carrots are bubbling away nicely and the sausages are starting to brown, I cant help butt wonder what next?
What will next year bring us? (assuming the world doesnt end on Dec 21st and there's no zombie apocalypse between now and then) its gonna be 2013 so will 13 prove to be unlucky for us or will it be a good year? Who know's? Hopefully one of us will have a job and hopefully we'd have moved or the neighbours from hell have moved and more importantly hopefully everything will be good for us for once.
Im already starting to worry how this winter will be for us. Will we have to choose between food or heat again or will it be warmer enough for us not to go without?
Iv started to stock up the store cupboards with tinned foods which will be a great help if they're not used up in the meantime. Im also planning lots of filling meals like my casseroles and also pasta dishes to leave us all fuller for longer.
Maybe Im just worrying over nothing as we always manage to get by but too many times in the past have I gone without to make sure my kids dont. I know its different now and Im not alone either but still, cant help but worry.
Anyway, the sausages are starting to burn so I best get the food served up lol