Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Winter worry

Ok, so Im currently sat in my front room, waiting for the first casserole of the season to cook and I cant help but think "where did the year go?" Its Autumn already, Iv had the heating on a few times to take the chill off the house (yep even in August, Iv had to heat the house) Iv nearly finished paying off the xmas club, Kids are all back at school including the eldest a high school and its nearly Halloween, although the shops seem to have forgotten this and have stacked the shelves fit to burst with xmas goodies already.
Yep, I even noted last night that there's 14 weeks left until christmas. Lucky me eh?
 So while me spuds and carrots are bubbling away nicely and the sausages are starting to brown, I cant help butt wonder what next?
What will next year bring us? (assuming the world doesnt end on Dec 21st and there's no zombie apocalypse between now and then) its gonna be 2013 so will 13 prove to be unlucky for us or will it be a good year? Who know's? Hopefully one of us will have a job and hopefully we'd have moved or the neighbours from hell have moved and more importantly hopefully everything will be good for us for once.
Im already starting to worry how this winter will be for us. Will we have to choose between food or heat again or will it be warmer enough for us not to go without?
Iv started to stock up the store cupboards with tinned foods which will be a great help if they're not used up in the meantime. Im also planning lots of filling meals like my casseroles and also pasta dishes to leave us all fuller for longer.
Maybe Im just worrying over nothing as we always manage to get by but too many times in the past have I gone without to make sure my kids dont. I know its different now and Im not alone either but still, cant help but worry.
Anyway, the sausages are starting to burn so I best get the food served up lol

Sunday, 5 August 2012

What's Goth ??!!

A Goth is Someone Who Sees Beauty in The Dark Side of Life. Today's Society is Focused On Negating Darkness Because it is Associated With Evil. Think About it - in Almost Every Fairy Tale , Who is The Antagonist ?? The Brunette. Who is The Protagonist? The Blonde. Dark is Evil , Evil is Bad , And Therefore We Should Wipe All Trace of it From Our Lives. Unfortunately , That's Simply Not Possible. No Matter How Hard Society Tries, People Still Die. Day Turns Into Night. Love Becomes Loss. It's A Fact of Life. So While Everyone Else is Denying An Entire Half of Life , The Goths Embrace All of Life , Good And Bad. Goths Understand That The Best And Most Lasting Joy is Tinged With A Little Sadness ,

And That All Love is Bittersweet. Goths Understand That Not Everybody Has To Be Happy , And That The Way To Succeed is Not By Pretending You Are. Sunlit Skies Are Beautiful , Yes , But So Are Dark Cloudy Ones. What Is Life Without Pain? What Is White Without Black? What is A Rose Without Thorns? Thus , By Embracing The Shadows As Well As The Sun, Goths Are , in Many Cases, Actually More Emotionally Healthy Than Those in Mainstream Society. Plus, We Get To Wear Much Cooler Clothing And Listen To Far Better Music...

Goth isn't Even About Religion Really. It's About Being Yourself And People Labeling You As Goth, Some Goths Are
Christian Catholic , Atheist , Pagan , Agnostic , New Age , Gnostic , Wicca , Satanists Or Just Don't Care.

Simply It's A Lifestyle Involves Arts,  Make Up,  Music, Cloths


Sunday, 17 June 2012


Born on 31st May 2012 weighing in at a hefty 9lbs 1oz after a very fast labour.

I wont share the details of it other than too quick for pain relief and going into shock once over with but hey, it was worth it.
After a 2 day stay due to being a reluctant feeder, we got home and have settled into not a routine as such but more of an organized chaos. Logan's breastfed and feeds on demand. That means Im taking fenugreek, maiden's milk and Domperidone to help milk supply. You'd think I'd be like a dairy cow but nope. Logan has decided he would lose a good lb of weight. Nothing worrying to me but something seriously wrong according to the midwife. Iv been told my milk is like water and to give him formula as it would be the equivalent of a 5 course dinner. Now, as Im a bit of a lactivist Im a huge believer of breast is best. thats why I rattle when I walk with all these supplements to make sure my milk supply is good. I eat and drink plenty and as it seems Logan cant get enough of it. The only person with the issue is the midwife. he's had plenty of wet and dirty nappies and he's content after a feed and sleeps very well yet this woman who barely knows me seems to think she knows my baby better than me and apparently he needs to be on 8oz of formula at every feed and he will sleep through the night. Really? at barely 2 weeks old? I think not!! his stomach is the size of a marble and the only milk designed for it is breast milk. Formula makes him sick and pooh excessively both of which arent good for him.
  She decided that his weight loss was serious business. At first, she threatened to admit him back into hospital for monitoring. Then because he gained a little she then decided that she would weigh him again in 2 days time. she did and he had lost again so she took it upon herself to make a Dr's apt (bear in mind Im not the slightest bit concerned about the weight loss as its perfectly normal for babies to lose weight) and because there were no apts available, she decided to phone it through as an emergency.
  Anyway, got to the apt and Dr takes a good look at Logan and says he's not concerned, especially as its baby number 4.
 Just wish this midwife would back off and stop her bullying. He's doing absolutely fine. If she's great at making me feel like crap, how on earth are those first time mums feeling that she visits?

Anyway, enough moaning for now. Bet you all wanna know what he looks like. here's a pic :D

How cool is he?
Cant believe Iv finally got a boy :D

The usage of cloth nappies is going good too. Iv got a good practical stash and Im pretty much an expert on them now lol. Its not all terry squares, pins and rubber pants either. Im using Bumgenius xs and Tots bots Teeny fits. Iv also got a lot of birth to potty nappies for when he's bigger and some customs too including wee notions and Alexis Taylor. Will have to do a seperate blog just for those lol

Sunday, 8 April 2012

WOW what a difference a year can make

Ok so I guess its been a while!! my bad :)

Id been without internet since Dec 2010 and this site refused to work point blank on my mobile so rather than annoy myself on a daily basis, I thought Id better start concentrating on the real world.

Net sorted now thankfully and sanity restored. I can go back to escaping for hours on end of an evening in a world where all the mundane stuff is forgotten about.

Anyway, enough of that. What have I been doing with myself? believe it or not, Im now MARRIED!!! yep its true :D
we're even expecting a baby. I know, I must be mad!! on plus side its a boy so not completely a hormonal hell that the girls are.
I wont bore you with all the details, but will say there's only 7 weeks left until his arrival eeeeep!!
In the meantime Iv been busying myself with the buying of cloth diapers. Yep thats right, we're going cloth :) as if Iv not got enough to contend with already huh.

Again I wont be a baby bore, well not in this post anyway. I'll save the pics of our cloth for another day. We're waiting on a few customs so once stash is complete, I'll bore you all with photos then.
in the mean time, today is easter and Iv got a lamb roast to get on. will leave you with a picture from our wedding :D