Sunday, 8 April 2012

WOW what a difference a year can make

Ok so I guess its been a while!! my bad :)

Id been without internet since Dec 2010 and this site refused to work point blank on my mobile so rather than annoy myself on a daily basis, I thought Id better start concentrating on the real world.

Net sorted now thankfully and sanity restored. I can go back to escaping for hours on end of an evening in a world where all the mundane stuff is forgotten about.

Anyway, enough of that. What have I been doing with myself? believe it or not, Im now MARRIED!!! yep its true :D
we're even expecting a baby. I know, I must be mad!! on plus side its a boy so not completely a hormonal hell that the girls are.
I wont bore you with all the details, but will say there's only 7 weeks left until his arrival eeeeep!!
In the meantime Iv been busying myself with the buying of cloth diapers. Yep thats right, we're going cloth :) as if Iv not got enough to contend with already huh.

Again I wont be a baby bore, well not in this post anyway. I'll save the pics of our cloth for another day. We're waiting on a few customs so once stash is complete, I'll bore you all with photos then.
in the mean time, today is easter and Iv got a lamb roast to get on. will leave you with a picture from our wedding :D

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