Saturday, 18 December 2010


Ok, so iv not wrote in this for a while.
Simple reason being I fried my netbook, thanks to my little brother.
You know those conversations you have, while tyoing back and forth, where you're either laughing too hard and cant take a sip of your dring or you burst out laughing with a mouth already full? Yeah, it was one of those kind of conversations lol
I couldnt type unless I held down the shift key so it was very dodgy looking typing. I had to copy and paste a "m" though as that key died completely. Sometimes the writing was a mixture of upper and lower case letters so started to look like a very bad ransome note.

Anyway, tis the festive season. am I excited? Nope. not in the slightest.
Why? no idea.
My birthday last saturday. another year older and that was it. just another day.
not got all the decorations up yet simply cos I cant get in the festive mood no matter how much I try.
Paper chains are up and Iv gotta raid the loft for the tree, this should be fun. my ceiling aquired a huge crak in it last time I was up there and Iv no idea where about the tree is. Havent exactly got a head for heights and no doubt there's spiders and other creepy crawlies up there too.
Maybe after tomorrow I'l feel a little more festive. Hope so. girls are taking part in a nativity. C is Mary, K is a King (or maybe a camel, depending) and S is a sheep :)
Failing that, there's always the frantic present wrapping on xmas eve where Im lucky to get into bed by 3 am, only to be woken up again at 5 with 3 excited girls bouncing on my bed and all over me dying to get downstairs to see if santa has been. there goes any hope of a lie in!!
Im home alone for xmas. Girls are at their nana's til around 2 then C will be back. other 2 wont be back til 27th. poor C gets pushed out yet again :-/
Anyway, wont dwell  on that or will just annoy me even more. On plus side, just think how much sleep I can catch up on while its quiet :) Excellent!!
If it wasnt for the fact iv gotta be up early in the morning, Id crack open a beer lol.
Never mind.

Laters taters x

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