Sunday, 5 August 2012

What's Goth ??!!

A Goth is Someone Who Sees Beauty in The Dark Side of Life. Today's Society is Focused On Negating Darkness Because it is Associated With Evil. Think About it - in Almost Every Fairy Tale , Who is The Antagonist ?? The Brunette. Who is The Protagonist? The Blonde. Dark is Evil , Evil is Bad , And Therefore We Should Wipe All Trace of it From Our Lives. Unfortunately , That's Simply Not Possible. No Matter How Hard Society Tries, People Still Die. Day Turns Into Night. Love Becomes Loss. It's A Fact of Life. So While Everyone Else is Denying An Entire Half of Life , The Goths Embrace All of Life , Good And Bad. Goths Understand That The Best And Most Lasting Joy is Tinged With A Little Sadness ,

And That All Love is Bittersweet. Goths Understand That Not Everybody Has To Be Happy , And That The Way To Succeed is Not By Pretending You Are. Sunlit Skies Are Beautiful , Yes , But So Are Dark Cloudy Ones. What Is Life Without Pain? What Is White Without Black? What is A Rose Without Thorns? Thus , By Embracing The Shadows As Well As The Sun, Goths Are , in Many Cases, Actually More Emotionally Healthy Than Those in Mainstream Society. Plus, We Get To Wear Much Cooler Clothing And Listen To Far Better Music...

Goth isn't Even About Religion Really. It's About Being Yourself And People Labeling You As Goth, Some Goths Are
Christian Catholic , Atheist , Pagan , Agnostic , New Age , Gnostic , Wicca , Satanists Or Just Don't Care.

Simply It's A Lifestyle Involves Arts,  Make Up,  Music, Cloths


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