Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Right ok, Im completely new to all of this.

If you're reading this then congratulations!! You're officially more bored than me  =)

Suppose I should start with something about me just so you get an idea of what exactly it is you're letting yourself into reading this.

Im Nat *waves* Im the most complicated woman you could ever meet. Not intentionally, just the way things go I suppose. While I write this Im currently 28 years old. Im a single mum to three girls (hormone hell). C is 9 and has ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) K is 5 and the clingy nightmare kinda child and S is 4 with a pletherer of little "problems" as well as having DDEB (dominant dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa)
I love them all like crazy despite how chaotic the day gets and believe me, it does get mad!!

Besides my girls we have 4 cats (Sylvie, Eve, Lilo & Stitch) and 2 Rabbits (Ron and Lady, who thankfully isnt preggers after all!!)

So thats pretty much us. Not as straight forward as it looks either.

I dont currently work (which is absolutely killing me as Iv always had a job since I was 14) due to having both  physically and mentally disabled kids, however thanks to a good friend giving me the idea, Im in the middle of setting up my own business which is proving harder than I first imagined (especially with kids harrassing me constantly)

Hmmm. . . what else can I tell you?
Oh. . . erm. . .Im a Goth. Im a lesbian (currently lol). Im wiccan. IM BLOODY LATE FOR TODDLERS!!!
* I help out at the mums + Toddlers at the local church on wednesdays and just spotted the time*

Gonna have to continue with this laters Im afarid!! lol

Laters x


  1. .:Hugs:. I had no idea how many pets you had... you are working on your own ark? All that rain you get in Wales ehhh? :-p Good to see you here, Sis!

  2. Haha Hey Bro!! =)

    Haven finished with the animals yet, soon as Iv sorted out the dining room, Iv got a Vivarium to set up for my black/white corn snake.

    we lost 4 rabbits too over a long period since Dec last year. Down to just 2 now but very nearly had more thanks to C lol